Tips for a Great Fitness Routine at Your Student Apartment in Austin

Tips for a Great Fitness Routine at Your Student Apartment in Austin

August 10, 2021 11:30 am

We know it can be challenging to maintain a fitness routine that works for you in the midst of a busy student schedule. Finding the motivation, time, and guidance for a good fitness routine isn’t always easy, or even cheap. Luckily there are lots of things you can do to get fit right here at our student apartments in Austin. Whether you’re interested in building muscle, trimming fat, or just maintaining your current fitness, these tips can help you get there.


Know a friend or neighbor in our community of student apartments in Austin who’s looking for fitness inspiration? Go ahead and send them this post too once you’re done reading. Now without further ado, let’s talk fitness tips!


Keep It Convenient


The less convenient your fitness routine is, the less likely you are to keep up with it. Between our fully-loaded fitness center, beautifully-landscaped courtyards, and walkable neighborhood, there are plenty of fitness options right here at Torre, so you never have to go far from home to get fit.


For additional motivation, try working out with a partner on a regular schedule. Working out with a friend adds fun and support to your routine, plus you’ll be that much more likely to keep up with your goals when you have someone else to be accountable to.


Vary Your Workouts


Not every day is leg day, nor should every day be all about cardio. For most fitness goals, a combination of strength training and cardio conditioning is best. Consider using the free weights in our fitness center for some simple strength exercises one day, then taking a run the next. Bear in mind that you don’t have to work out all your muscles every day, and zeroing in on a few different muscle groups each workout will keep things interesting and give you the best overall fitness results.


Fuel Your Fitness


For high-powered workouts, you need the right fuel at the right times. Get plenty of protein and some carbs pre- and post-workout, but avoid eating immediately before a workout so that your body has a chance to digest all those nutrients before you get started. In particular, avoid eating foods high in fat immediately before a workout, since your body needs extra time to digest fat, and high-fat foods aren’t as readily turned into energy.


Fuel is important, even if your fitness goals include losing weight. You may have heard that you need to be at a caloric deficit to meet these goals, and that’s typically true, but it’s also true that you can’t get the benefits of a good workout, nor can you maintain healthy nutrition and get the energy you need, without fueling your body with food. Plus, if your caloric deficit is too extreme, your body will actually reduce your metabolic rate in order to compensate, which can sometimes make it even harder to achieve certain fitness goals. As long as you are eating foods that provide all the nutrients your body needs and listening to your body when it’s hungry, thirsty, and satiated, you’re likely to get the fuel you need for the average workout routine.


That’s all the fitness tips we have for residents of our Austin student apartments! If you’d like to see any future tips and recommendations from us in the future, make sure you bookmark our blog page for easy access to upcoming posts. Finally, if you don’t want to miss out on special promotions, community updates, and events at our apartments near UT Austin, follow us on Instagram


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